Trading & Resale

Second-hand Container Sales / Purchases

Almost 90% of the container business consist of secondhand containers. For Noble, integrity and professionalism play a massive role in the whole container trading business. The distribution of the so-called Standard-Equipment, which includes 20ft, 40ft as well as 40ft HC or other Dry Freight specials or Tanks. We are able to supply huge lots in every part of the world at affordable prices.

Purpose Build Containers

If you require containers specially made for your needs, for example, storage or office containers, oversized or mini containers, we also supply our long term business and shareholding relationships with container building factories to give you the opportunity to order whatever you need.

Resale Network

Our concept also includes a global network of offices, partners, and shareholders. Noble also offers the support of local partners in taking care of local end customers. This eliminates language barrier and time zone problems from the start and guarantees smooth processing of orders.