ISO Tank Containers

The increasingly popular tank container provides shippers and manufacturers with maximum flexibility and security whether transporting food products or chemicals.

The Tank Containers from Noble are insulated, steam heated, single compartment units. It ensures maximum climate control during transit or whilst awaiting discharge. The tank is made from SANS 50028-7 Type1.4402/1.4404 cold rolled 2B finish stainless steel, with a4.4mm thick shell and 4.7mm thick ends, including a0.2mm corrosion allowance.

Each tank container will be inspected and certified by the Independent Inspection Authority in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Transportation by tank containers provides additional safety when moving volatile or hazardous cargoes, ensuring stability of the product during transit as well as greater cost effectiveness over long distances. The tank containers offer a more secure alternative to drums or flexi bags. Tanks also provide economies of scale as they carry larger quantities of product and their longer working life make them a ‘greener’ option to alternatives.

  • + Full frame tank for lifting security

  • + Insulated and steam heated providing maximum climate control during transit

  • + Bottom outlet as standard, with optional top outlet for flexibility

  • + Volumetric calibration plate fitted on spillbox side wall

  • + 40mm airline with stainless ball valve and 40mmBSP cap

  • + 63mm BSP Super Maxi Highflow set at 4.4 Bar

  • + F or B-Style Walkway

  • + Approved for nine-high stacking

  • + Top outlet Provision for 80mm DN100 stainless steel316 tank pad with blank flange

  • + 50mm rockwool insulation with aluminium cladding

  • + 7.5m² effective surface area external steam ducts




Actual measurements and other specification details may vary from those shown due to Noble’s policy of continual product development.





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