Leasing with Noble

Most Companies dealing with expensive or high-quantity goods are offered Leasing as a form of financing and so are we. Due to the fact that we are in the position to deliver nearly every quantity as required, you are given the opportunity to make use of the advantage of paying in installments or rental fees. You do not need to focus on how to realize a huge deal. We offer you the chance to take it easy and to concentrate on the important things of your business.


Master Lease Agreement (MLA)

is a flexible lease with a short tenor that you to pick up and redeliver containers at pre-defined locations. This type of lease is best suited to cover peak season demand or unforeseen project needs.

Long Term Lease (LTL)

is a fixed term lease for regularly 3 to 5 years. The pick-up and redelivery locations will be agreed in advance and you are able to increase your container fleet without arranging a bank facility or saving your internal cashflows. The Long Term Leases require a standard credit check and our employees are happy to explain to you which availabilities we have and which documents are required. With our LTL you are able to benefit from competitive rentals over several years.

Lease Purchase (LP)

is a fixed term lease with a typical tenor between 1 and 8 years. Upon maturity of the lease tenor, you will buy the equipment that you have rented from us. Terms and rates are tailored to your needs and financial situation.


under a short-term agreement, Noble supports your business to bring your containers from dead-end locations to the places where you actually need them. This service includes unusual locations and is offered in collaboration with Global Container Repo Pte. Ltd.

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